KARACHI - The newly-elected president of the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association Alamgir Shaikh here on Thursday vowed to continue to pursue the policy of promoting the sport in the four corners of the country, provide opportunities to new talent and lift the game to new heights. Talking to The Nation, Alamgir Shaikh, who has remained associated with the development of the sports for the last two decades said the PBSA in the past had worked hard to give opportunities to players belonging to all areas of the country that was why new found players from Quetta, Peshawar and Lahore had broken the traditional domination of Karachi and won national titles a number of times. It was due to dedicated efforts of the PBSA supported by its more dedicated sponsors and Karachi Club, Pakistan had produced a world and Asian champion in Muhammad Yousuf and brought to the fore player like Saleh Muhammad and Farhan Mirza who came from Peshawar and Lahore. Being truly a national body the PBSA had always worked on merit for the good of all in the country. Talent he said was not concentrated only in Karachi, it was also present in cities like Quetta, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Lahore ,Gujranwala and many other smaller towns. To give them exposure to higher level of competition the PBSA had always facilitated holding of the provincial championship and supported players from other cities to frequently visit Karachi to play in various ranking events. He said with the passage of time the prize money in snooker had increased many folds and a player could conveniently target to at least win over Rs. half a million annually. Without naming any player, he said some talented players had made good money over the years and said PBSA always felt proud that it had helped the players by holding events and requesting sponsors to invest in the sport. He said the outgoing president of the PBSA Asghar Valika had and his team in the PBSA served the game well and lifted an unknown game into some thing of which Pakistan could be proud of. He said the PBSA had always been worried about the welfare of the players. It had always tried to provide good jobs for those players who were without one and it would continue to do so in the future. The PBSA had already written to the government to look into the problem because players felt insecure without a job. He said the PBSA had held its elections under the directive of Pakistan Sports Board. The PBSA had informed the PSB about the elections held recently and provided them the names of the newly elected officials. The PBSA had fulfilled all the conditions placed by the government by holding the elections and hoped that the PSB would soon lift the suspension over the PBSA imposed for allegedly not following the national sports policy. He was full of praise for the new DG of the PSB Syed Amir Hamza Gilani who he said helped the PBSA for holding the national championship in Islamabad. On the request of the PBSA, the DG took special interest when 10 players boycotted the national event arguing that they would not play in the event unless given jobs. The DG assigned a senior PSB official Habib Shah, a former international athlete to persuade the players to play and assured them that the PSB and even PBSA would try to get suitable jobs for them. But despite best efforts of the DG PSB the 10 players boycotted the event. On the direction of the PSB the national event was held on single league basis amongst remaining five players. Saleh Muhammad and Khurram Agha emerged as winners and runners up. These two players have qualified to represent Pakistan in the world championship which will be held in Austria October 25 to November 10. The PBSA would need some time to process the visa application of the players and it would be good if the suspension was lifted immediately. Following officials were elected after the elections. President: Aalmgir A.Shaikh. Senior vice president: A.Wahid Qadir. Vice president: Jawed H, Karim. Secretary: Munawwar Hussain Shaikh. Treasurer: Anwar Jaffer Ali. Memebrs: Dr.Amin Pyar Ali Delawala, M Amin Bawany,M.Hanif Memon,M.Yousuf Suleman, Mustafa Abdul Aziz, Nisar Ali Bhagat, Shabbir Hussain Daruwala.