PESHAWAR- Peshawar High Court Thursday ordered the handing over of three Russian Muslims, former military officers, to World Prisoner Relief Commission for onward deportation to their country. Peshawar High Court's two judges bench was hearing petition of Abdur Rasheed, a former Major General of Russian Army, and two others who have requesting for deportation to their country. The then Russian army Major General Abdur Rasheed, Brigadier Rustam and Colonel Marrat stated to have embraced Islam during Afghan war and join hands with Osma. Major General Abdur Rasheed, Brigadier Rustam and Colonel Marrat were arrested on July 17, 2007 in Rawalpindi for staying in Pakistan without documents, the three pleaded guilty before a judicial magistrate in Rawalpindi on 27 August 2008 and were sentenced to already undergone and fine of rupees 5000 each person. After conviction, the three Russian nationals were shifted to Peshawar Prison in September 2008 from Adayala jail Rawalpindi. Thursday chief justice Tariq Pervez Khan and justice Yahya Zahid Gilani was hearing the petition, was informed that petitioners were in prisons because of non-payment of fine amount (Rs 5,000), which has been deposited on Wednesday last, therefore they were no more required to prison authority. The section officer of Home and tribal affairs department appeared and said that communication was initiated with ministry of interior for deportation of the three to their respective country but will take time. Javed Ibrahim Paracha, chairman of World Prisoners Relief Commission of Pakistan, who was present in Court and told that his association was ready to bear all expenses of traveling documents including air tickets and also ready to give stay to their very persons till deportation. He requested that the petitioners be handed over to the World Prisoners Relief Commission of Pakistan for deportation to their respective country, adding that in past too WPRCP had been give custody of more than 200 such persons of various countries whom have been deported to their respective countries. The bench after hearing and perusal of record, besides the judgments of High Court, wherein some other persons were handed over to WPRCP has ordered that three persons be handed over to WPRCP with direction that commission will keep the administration inform about their location, stay and deportation process. Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha, former MNA from Kohat and chairman World Prisoners Relief Commission of Pakistan, who pursuing the case said after court order that three Russian military officers had embraced Islam during Afghan war and then joined hands with Osma's jihad against USSR. He said while talking at High Court that after 9/11 incident, the very Russians Muslims were shifted to Makeen area of Waziristan wherefrom they were arrested during an operation wherein Taliban leader Nek Mohammad lost life. He said that a Moscow university professor Ms Hadya Rasheed, daughter of Major General Abudr Rasheed contacted the association to struggle for her father deportation. He said that association searched the persons and found that they were detained in prison. He further informed that it was learnt that such persons were in prison as charged for over-stay in Pakistan and no more required to law enforcing agencies.