LAHORE - President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has said the world community is taking note of the protracted delay on the restoration of the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. At the time Justice Chaudhry would be visiting the Europe and America on invitation in November next and receiving honour, the international community would be naturally taking note of the fact that a Chief Justice, unconstitutionally sacked by a dictator, could not be reinstated even by a democratic government. And that moment may be embarrassing for the rulers, said the Bar President while addressing the packed General House of the Lahore High Court Bar before departure for rally on the Mall here Thursday. The House was presided over by President of the Bar Anwar Kamal, who among former President SCBA Hamid Khan, Member Pakistan Bar Council Hafiz Abdul Rahman Ansari and others also spoke to the lawyers. Barrister Aitzaz, regretting acceptance of re-appointment by a section of deposed judges, however termed their fresh oath taking an outcome of pressure on the government from their movement, which he reckoned a major victory of the lawyers struggle. He said the re-appointed judges have left them yet he would ask them to be dared instead of scared while doing justice. It is better for them to agonise themselves instead of passing decisions under fears, he said alluding to these judges. Aitzaz Ahsan stressed upon the lawyers to actively canvass for Ali Ahmad Kurd, who has been fielded as presidential candidate for the SCBA poll scheduled for October 27. He asked the young lawyers to change their 'tactics' and 'track' from movement to campaign for the victory of Kurd. He said Kurd is a 'shining star' of their movement and if not during his tenure, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would necessarily be back to his office during Kurd's tenure. Aitzaz said their rivals would do their best to defeat Kurd and if they succeed, the movement would hardly be there. The Bar president said the lawyers' movement has achieved major successes both at the judicial and the political fronts. He said it was the movement which got the July 20 decision on restoration of Justice Chaudhry, made General Pervez Musharraf doff his uniform and weakened his position which ultimately forced him out of power, brought the exiled leaders back to the country, and ensured election on February 18 in which, he added, the people voted to see Justice Chaudhry's return to the Judiciary, discarding Musharraf against him. He said it was another credit to the lawyers' movement that two major winners in the elections agreed to judges' restoration on March 9 and later on again forced them to renew their commitment. He held the long march and the two-hour sit-ins by the lawyers all over the country another milestone in their movement and added, today every countryman wanted restoration of Justice Chaudhry to the office of CJP. After crossing over a long and arduous path, he said, the movement now again faced a crucial moment where its rivals desired to thwart it through elections. Therefore, he said, every lawyer must come up with a commitment to make Ali Ahmad Kurd win the upcoming elections.