KARACHI - With Eidul Fitr only 12 days away, the poor and destitute receiving monthly Guzara Allowance and Eid Package under Zakat scheme every year in Ramazan since 1980, are still waiting for relief. The delay in the formation of Zakat committees is hampering the distribution of money among the deserved people. It is pertinent to mention here that the tenure of Zakat and Ushr Committees expired in August 2007 but the previous government had extended their tenure by six months that ended in March 2008.  Since then, the committees remained non-functional causing delay in distributing cheques among the needy people.  Meraj Khatoon, a blind widow, said that she was feeling it hard to make both ends meet for the last six months. Another widow, Khalida, a resident of Soldier Bazar and work at various houses, also facing difficulties as she did not receive Zakat money since March 2008.      Shahnaz Bibi, a resident of Jamshed road, said she had been receiving Rs500 Guzara Allowance every month and Rs500 Eid Package every year in Ramazan but she was getting nothing for the last 10 months.  She said she contacted the local Zakat office but failed to get any relief. She has requested the provincial government to look into the matter. According to sources, there are 33,000 needy, widows and orphans in Karachi alone, who are waiting for Zakat but the concerned department is unable to and provide them relief before the Eid with meagre funds. They said that each recipient gets around Rs 3,000/- every six months at the rate of Rs500 per month, besides Rs 500/- Eid allowance. The amount is too small to meet even their basic expenses. About 100,000 deserving people in the province, who depend on Zakat funds, may not get the amount before Eid due to the negligence of the Sindh government.