LAHROE - Lahore Arts Council (LAC) held Eid Mahafil-e-Mushaira (poetry contest) at Al-Hamra Hall here on Saturday to mark the Eid celebrations. A large number of renowned Nazm and Ghazal poets including Shehzad Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal, Khalid Ahmad, Najeeb Ahmad, Shafeeq Saleemi, Baqi Ahmadpuri, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Abbas Tabhish, Rehman Faris, Dr Sughra Sadaf, Hakeem Sale-em Akhtar, Fatima Ghazal, Hasan Abbasi, Zaee-mur Rasheed, Sofia Bedar, Abrar Nadeem, Hira Rana, Rakhs-handa Naveed, Bushra Ijaz, Gul-e-Naukhaiz Akhtar, Abdul Rahman Abid and Shahid Dilawar Shah presented their verses. Most of the poets adopted the subjects regarding worries of flood-affected people who had lost their beloved ones and belongings in result of catastrophe prevailing in the country. Paying gratitude to the poets and guests, LAC chairman board of governors Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi said poets and writers are most sensitive segments of the society who always feel the sorrows of others. He said in this time of natural calamity prevailing in the country it was the duty of every Pakistani to come forward and to encourage and solace to the affected people.