LAHORE - PIAF-Founders Alliance has urged the government to take measures to keep the industrial wheel on the run that was otherwise not doing well in the wake of devastating floods. These views were expressed by Sohail Lashari and Iftikhar Ali Malik, leaders of PIAF-Founders Alliance Associate Class candidates while in a statement on Saturday. They said that if government wanted to promote the business activities in the country, it would have to take appropriate sector-specific measures for the removal of impediments in the way smooth industrial operations. They said that high markup and high electricity tariff were also hitting the industrial activity hard as the situation of new investments was not that encouraging. They identified deteriorating law & order situation as the other biggest hurdle in the promotion of economic activities. They said that the government plan to impose more taxes would also dent the businesses as there were people who were finding it very hard to pay their dues on time because of little activity in the markets. The Alliance leaders said that the government should immediately convene a roundtable conference with all the chambers and other trade bodies for putting the economy back on rails. They said that the business community response to the Alliance candidates was very encouraging and was enough to make the point that the people in the industrial areas and the markets were satisfied with the performance of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They said that Economic Agenda for next twenty years and establishment of halal Board were the steps that would go a long way in earning a good name for the country at international level. The Alliance leaders, however, made it clear that the business community alone would not be able to do the needful but the government would also have to comeforward in the larger interests of the country. PIAF-Founders Alliance candidates for Associate Class Muhammad Yousaf Shah, Fahim-ur-Rehman Saigol, Ilyas Majeed Sheikh, Sohail Azhar, Shahid Maqsood Butt, Wajid Ali, Khawaja Khawar Rasheed & Mian Maqsood Ali persisted their market visit and visited Multan Road, Photo Goods Market, Chamberlane Road, Hall Road and Mall Road. had already visited Paper Market, Urdu Bazar, Abkari Road, Abkari Road, Circular Road, Anarkali, Neela Gunbad, Shahlam Market, Badi Bagh, Azam Cloth Market, Liberty Market, Hafeez Center, Multan Road, Photo Goods Market, Chamberlane Road, Landa Bazar, Ferozepur Road, Ferozepur Road, Hall Road, Mall Road and Lahore Township Industrial area discussed their specific issues and assured them their full cooperation for the solution. PIAF-Founders Alliance had also conducted a survey to get the proposal of business community for a business-friendly atmosphere in the country.