Lo and behold, a new trend has surfaced among the well-to-do proud and patriotic citizens of this country. An increasing number of them are now vying to give birth to their offspring, while temporarily visiting the United States of America, to secure American citizenship for them and subsequently for themselves. These farsighted patriots have perhaps given up on the land of their birth and in their headlong pursuit for the blue passport are prepared to denounce their allegiance to Pakistan and their Pakistani identity. These individuals are by implication not only denying, but also desecrating the sacrifices of countless men, women and children, whose blood lies in the foundations of Pakistan. To me, these people are the proverbial rats aboard the sinking ship, with the difference that this ship is not sinking. It is merely in the eye of a storm of our own making. Perhaps, these patriots take their cue from our leaders, who have safe havens and treasure troves abroad waiting to receive them when trouble or accountability threatens. These are the people, who do not comprehend the simple fact that had not Jinnah striven to give them an independent homeland, they would be living as, not even second, but third class citizens under the Hindu yoke. I was once told the story of a retired Pakistani diplomat, who during his tenure in the US created opportunities for himself and his family that made them prosperous. This gentleman was once overheard asking as to what had Pakistan given him. He should be grateful that I was not present when he passed this remark. Mercifully, there is always a flipside to things. I am fortunate to have as my friends, many people who are beacons in the gloom that surrounds us. I know a middle-aged couple who returned from the UK after 35 years, just so that they could serve their homeland. This husband and wife team lives in a remote Islamabad suburb and runs a facility that equips young village women free of charge with education and domestic skill sets, to face adult life in a successful manner. They operate on a simple premise that they owe their success in life to Pakistan and they are here to repay this debt. A group of Pakistani doctors settled comfortably in the US run a programme that adopts whole villages and communities in their native land for provision of education and healthcare, no matter what the cost. Members of this NGO visit Pakistan at least once a year to monitor their programme. The doctrine of this group is simple: Empowerment through awareness. These are people who proudly proclaim their origin and are doing more than their bit for their country. There is another gentleman from Sialkot, who lives in the UK and has been bestowed with great wealth and a greater love for his motherland. At a time when no foreign investor was prepared to put their money on Pakistan, this individual offered an investment opportunity worth millions of dollars to the telecommunications industry. Regretfully, vested interest and government inefficiency forced him to back off with great reluctance. Not to be beaten, he has donated generously to further the cause of education and sponsor programmes that project Pakistans image abroad. This remarkable son of the soil has done single-handedly what our whole bunch of diplomats sitting in London could not do during the past decade. And there is this retired Lieutenant General from the Pakistan army, who put every penny of his cash assets on retirement into a project that is transforming the lives of scores of poor families. This great individual and his team of volunteers pick up talented children from the poorest of families and provide them with an education and academic environment that matches the most expensive and elitist schools in Pakistan. This education, a sizable part of which is inculcation of civic sense, combined with lunch, medical facilities, books, stationary and uniform items, comes absolutely free. The institution runs on donations and adoption of students by donors. Such is the credibility of this system that international organisations happily offer help to the project. These are some of the people, whose passion and devotion to Pakistan, no matter what the odds, puts them in the category of heroes and sends an unambiguous message to citizenship seekers and ungrateful beneficiaries that Pakistan is here to stay and perhaps would be better off without the likes of them. The writer is a freelance columnist.