PUNE (India) In the game of cricket, the black-marketing cannot be completely eliminated, according to Mark Davies, the founding member of Betfair, the UK-based worlds largest Internet betting exchange firm. Speaking to this scribe, he said, I think the best way to deal with spot-fixing is to license and regulate betting so that it becomes transparent. If you tie that in with draconian penalties for players who fix a game or part of a game, in the knowledge that the transparent betting can be linked to a given result, then you go a long way towards solving the problem, he added. You will never completely eliminate the black market, but by taking the liquidity out of it by offering a legal and regulated outlet for people who just want to have a legitimate bet, you cover much of it. Its about regulating betting and educating players, he said. No, I have no role with the ICC, by mandate or otherwise, Mark Davies concluded.