ISLAMABAD (Agencies) -Interior Minister Rehman Malik Saturday dispatched a letter to the US Attorney General Eric Holder for repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui to Pakistan. In his letter, Rehman said Aafia had become a matter of great public concern in Pakistan and her repatriation would create good will for the US in the country. He said there was also a human angle, as her two children were living in constant state of uncertainty, having a telling effect on their health while Aafia herself was suffering from depression. Rehman further stated that Aafia could be deported to Pakistan under the UN Convention for Exchange of Prisoners on humanitarian grounds. He asked the US attorney general to look into the matter personally and use his office for helping in Aafias return to Pakistan. He said there were over 90 precedents cases in the legal history of the US, where the charges against such individuals were dropped on humanitarian or political grounds under the relevant UN convention. Meanwhile, under the directives by Premier Gilani, the minister also spoken to Aafias Mother and briefed her about the actions taken for her early return.