LAHORE The International Cricket Council (ICC) has launched an investigation into the Fridays one-day international between England and Pakistan. But the Pakistan Cricket Board has rubbished all the match-fixing claims made by the British newspaper. Interestingly, it is pertinent to note here that why Pakistan team is being targeted for match-fixing when they have won the match and it was England which was going fine with the bat and suddenly lost a couple of wickets and also lost the match. A couple of points to ponder here are, is the ICC getting biased towards Pakistan for the PCB chairman had heated arguments with ICC chief Executive Haroon Lorgat during their recent meeting in England. Is the Indian connection is again working against the Pakistan cricket as the reports said that RAW was manipulating against the Pakistan team. If the ICC was already aware of the fixing then why is stayed mum and let it happen. And how come a team which is already under great stress and scanner opt for another problem when everyone in the team is aware that they would get life ban. It seems the ICC has become a clown to English cricket and is targeting the Asian and particularly Pakistan for taking stand against their thoughts. The sports governing body said Saturday that the decision was taken after the ICC received information from a British newspaper on the scoring pattern in the match. ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said in a statement: We, therefore, feel it is incumbent upon us to launch a full enquiry into this particular game although it is worth pointing out at this stage that we are not stating as fact that anything untoward has occurred. Only in the fullness of the investigation can that be established, he added. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board has refuted all the allegations of wrongdoing in the third ODI of the Pakistan and England series played at the Oval on Friday. PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt said: These are meaningless allegations without any proof. I havent read the report so I cant comment any further. The ICC has not got in touch with us on any such accusation. That is total imagination. There is no truth in it, he added. British tabloid The Sun has alleged that the third Pakistan-England was fixed and has reportedly passed on the 'evidence to officials of the ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit. The paper stated that Pakistani players fixed parts of the match which Pakistan won by 23 runs. Cricket chiefs launched an investigation during Englands one-day match against Pakistan the other day amid fears it was fixed by an illegal betting syndicate. The ICC acted after The Sun probe exposed evidence apparently showing that bookies knew details of Pakistans innings before the match even began. Incredibly, it comes after three Pakistani stars had already been sent home in disgrace amid claims of match-fixing. The new investigation will centre on suspicious scoring patterns in Pakistans innings and on two suspect overs during the Fridays match at The Oval. Illegal bookies in India and Dubai apparently knew in advance what would happen so they could launch a betting coup. But The Suns undercover team was able to pass details to the ICC inspectors before the match began. The cricket chiefs then watched as Pakistans score mirrored the target that bookies had been told in advance by a fixer. It is not thought that the overall result was fixed, only scoring rates in parts of Pakistans innings. Pakistan eventually won by 23 runs. The scandal centres on whether the match was manipulated by underground bookies to cash in on a popular bet among punters in India, where betting is illegal. Gamblers like to bet on how many runs will be scored in each ten-over session of an innings. Bookies cash in by knowing in advance what will happen, then offering odds that tempt punters to back the wrong result - or by placing bets with other bookies backing what they know will happen. Pakistans Test captain Salman Butt, 25, and bowlers Mohammad Asif, 27, and Mohammad Amir, 18, flew home after the News of the World revealed no-balls were deliberately sent down in the Lords Test. Wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal is also under investigation.