ISLAMABAD Instead of learning a lesson from the past, Pakistan is willingly landing into trouble, as beleaguered Afghan President Hamid Karzai succeeded to win the countrys support for thoroughly flawed Afghan Parliamentary elections. Hamid Karzai, during his recent tour to Pakistan, carried one-point agenda of winning Pakistans support for the seemingly fraudulent Parliamentary elections held on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, Pakistani Government 'healthily reciprocated and assured him of full support for the Parliamentary elections, the veracity of which is already challenged by international community, foreign media, independent electoral watchdogs and neutral observers. Given that Karzai hardly spares any opportunity go in waste as far as foul-mouthing Pakistan is concerned, the uncalled for generosity and support shown by Pakistan would help the creation of what can be termed Karzai-owned parliament that would pursue its existent agenda and follow the US and Indian-centred policy to contemplate the mutual interests envisaged under the umbrella of Indo-US nexus. There are reports that Pakistani villagers residing at the skirts of Pak-Afghan bordering areas particularly Waziristan belt and Khyber Agency were 'transported across the borders to cast votes in Afghan Parliamentary elections. The accurate number of such 'brotherly voters is still not known but informed insiders in the United Nations Afghanistan confided to TheNation that across the border activity at Pak-Afghan bordering areas was witnessed unusually high during the last few days. Furthermore, the modus operandi adopted to hold these polls raises many questions. The US, UN and international observers were instrumental in postponing the Parliamentary elections that were scheduled to be held earlier this year in Afghanistan, which only allowed the Afghan Government to buy more time to create 'conducive environment for rigging. On January 24 this year, Afghan authorities postponed the elections till September 18 citing deteriorating security situation. In February, Karzai authorised himself to appoint five of the eight-member Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) of Afghanistan at his sweet will, thus creating grounds for pre-poll rigging. TheNation on April 7 this year had broken the story Karzai gearing up for rigging exposing Afghan governments plans to rig the Parliamentary elections by means of creating law and order situation to keep international observers, foreign media, UN staffers and non-governmental organisations away from monitoring of the polls. The hype created by Afghan Government that Taliban posed a grave threat to the polls also fizzled out, as the elections were generally held peacefully with exception to a few fatal incidents at the poling stations. On the pretext of Taliban threat, Afghan regime conveniently shut down roughly 1500 polling stations out of 5500 approximately where the writ of the Government was weak and chances of rigging were less. Karzais open assertions that there were high chances of rigging in the Afghan Parliamentary elections have proved the last nail in the coffin. The writing on the wall is clear; another US-backed Afghan Parliament to support Karzai is in the making. By supporting these polls, Pakistan is offering another chance to Afghan regime to collude with Indo-US nexus to pull Pakistans leg.