ISLAMABAD Tehrik Nifaz-e-Fiqa-e-Jaffaria (TNFJ) has demanded of the heads of the Muslim states to build pressure on Saudi government for reconstruction of holy shrines and graves on Universal Jannat ul Baqee Demolition Day during a protest on Saturday on the call of Shia religious leader Agha Syed Hamid Ali Moosvi. The protest started from the Darbar of Sakhi Mehmood Badshah (RA) to Aabpara Chowk and then went back to the Darbar. Malik Ashter, General Secretary of Universl Jannat ul Baqeeh Committee, Allama Basharat Hussain Imami President TNF Islamabad, Convener Syed Nusrat Ali Naqvi, Khateeb I-9 Jamia Masque Guftar Hussain Sadqi, Allama Hussain Kazmi, Allama Abu Jaffar Naqvi, Commandar Mukhtar Force Syed Nazakat Hussain Kazmi, Syed Farahat Abbas Shah, District Commander Syed Mehmood Hussain Shah, City Commander Syed Sabtain Kazmi, Raja Muhram Ali, Raja Faisal Abbas, Zulfiqar Ali Raja, Chudhary Sabir Hussain, Qudrat Elahi Haidari, Asad Abbas Haidri, Zakar Mushtaq Hussain Shah Kazmi, Shafqat Hussain Naqvi, Ghulam Ababs Haidri, Sakhi Muhamamd Haidri and other TNF notables leaded the procession. The protestors were holding pictures of Syed Moosvi, different banners and placards demanding reconstruction of Jannat ul Baqeeh. The protesters reached Aapara by mourning and doing Nooha Khawani. Slowly the protest translated into huge procession. While addressing the procession Persistent TNF Islamabad Allama Basharat Hussain Imami said that the respect of shrines of spiritual leaders is mandatory to everyone. He termed it core part of Taqwa. The issue of reconstruction of Jannat ul Baqeeh and Jannat ul Mualla is not a matter of specific thought but is a matter of whole humanity. He said that demolition of graves of forefathers of holy prophet, his companions and Umhat ul Mominin (May Allah be pleased with them) has hurt the whole humanity. He said this demolition is evident and nobody can deny this. Addressing the procession Allama Sheikh Ijaz Hussain said demolition of shrines of the personalities who protected the Khana-e-Kaaba, was shameful act. He said visiting the Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal shrine means to pay gratitude to their services. He said that respect was for the religious and spiritual leaders while the worship was for God. He demanded of world community to play their role in reconstruction of the shrines of the people who had specified their lives for Toheed. He said 8th Shawal is the blackest day in the history of Islam. He said that whole Ummah was sorrowful on the demolition of shrines of Hazrat Fatima Bint-e-Rasool, Umhat ul Mominin, and companions of Hazrat Muhamamd (PBU-H). Allama Fakhar Abbas Abidi also addressed to the procession. On this occasion a resolution was approved and stressed on the Muslim leaders to build their pressure on Saudi Arabia for reconstruction of Jannat ul Baqeeh and Janant ul Mualla. It was declared that Makkah and Madina were the common heritage for the Muslims across the globe. Mourning and doing Nooha Khawani the procession ended at Darbar of Sakhi Mehmood Badshah (RA).