LAHORE - Robbers on Saturday made off with cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables besides three motorcycles in several successful strikes from different parts of the Punjab Capital, police sources said. Three gunmen stormed into the house of Muhammad Siddique in Shahdra police area and help up all the family members at gunpoint. The bandits collected cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 250,000 and fled away. Two armed bandits intercepted a motorcyclist in Lower Mall police area and took away his motorcycle (LEW-2967), mobile phone and purse, containing thousands of rupees at gunpoint. Rashid was on his way home when two robbers riding a motorcycle intercepted him in Satu Katla police vicinity. The bandits held him up at gunpoint and snatched away Rs 10,000 and a mobile phone from him. Two motorcyclists equipped with pistols held up Nabi Ahmed in Race Course police vicinity and fled away after collecting Rs 5000 and a mobile phone from him. Robbers held motorcyclists at gunpoint in Johar Town and Shafiqabad police area and snatched away their two-wheelers, besides cash and cellular phones. Armed bandits intercepted passersby in Defense, Manwan and Gulshan-e-Iqbal police area and deprived them of cash, cellular phones and wristwatches worth thousands of rupees at gunpoint. Police sources further said that robbers riding motorcycles snatched away cash, mobile phones and other valuables from passersby and pedestrians at gunpoint in four successful strikes from Shahdra, Satu Katla, Baghba-npura and Gulshan-e-Ravi police areas respectively. Suspended The Chairman Punjab Board of Technical Education with the approval of the controlling authority has suspended Zulfi-qar Ahmed Cheema, system analyst of technical board Lahore and an enquiry has been initiated against him. Zulfiqar would be under suspension initially for 90 days with immediate effect under section 6, of the Punjab E&D and Accountability Act 2006. He is directed to report in Research and Development Cell during the course of suspension, said sources in Tevta on Saturday.