ISLAMABAD No one dared to avail well known film star and singer Shahida Minis stirring open offer to dance with her or even to shake hand with her Friday night at a musical arranged by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA). The opportunity was valid for only those who could donate from Rupees one hundred thousand to Rupees five hundred thousand to the flood relief fund the PNCA has set up. Shahida Mini who performed several songs on the occasion entitled Future and Traditions had been repeating her offer time and again but the cost in term of donation was quite high. However, the audience appreciated her gesture a lot with their big applause and also donated whatever they could. Mini is the one who sings in style and with all delicacies the most popular songs of Melody Queen Madam Noor Jahan as the Madam used to. She asked the gathering to stand up and be counted for giving a new hope of life to the people severely hit by the worst-ever floods in the history of our country, and to help build a new Pakistan on the debris of the old depleted agriculture farms and homes. We should all pass the test that the calamity has placed on the shoulders of the citizens, giving the example of the Pakistani artists who were roaming the country to solicit more funds, and that she had also come to PNCA musical evening with the same purpose in mind, foregoing her fee. Adeel Burki, a dynamic name among the new lot of singers, could also inspire the audience in both ways, by his rendition of songs and his emotional speech. The words he used to mobilise the audience to donate for the helpless were more convincing. He mentioned that he has adopted two orphan kids. Many can follow the suit to adopt the children for their education and other basic needs of life. Uzma Ali and Muhammad Ali were the other singers who brought the popular songs of Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and some other famous singers. The event was also an occasion to reintroduce and appreciate the diminishing musical instruments. The performance by Gulab Khail on Rubab, Liaqat Ali on Jaltarang, Khawar Hussain on Sarangi, Isr Njatto on Alghoza, and Ejaz Sarhadi on Sarinda reminded the music loving audience the great times of classical and folk music. There is a dire need to develop a regular and comprehensive programme for the revival and promotion of the classical and folk music instrumentalists. Touqir Nasir, the PNCA Director General, urged the need and promised to do the needful. The federal cultural ministry and the provincial departments should come up to support the revival of the classical and folk instrumental music.