The Punjab government has issued a notification, which states that the practice of two weekly holidays in government departments would be continued. The logic behind this step appears to be rather flawed. The idea is that closure of offices for two days would reduce the load on the power grid and hence would mitigate the energy crisis to some extent. But in reality, the move have had virtually no positive impact except that it multiplied the misery of the public as it further widened the chasm between them and the officialdom. It is commonplace for government officials to skip their offices on Friday and those who actually attend only stay for a short time and then leave. That means closing down the door of the officialdom on the public for three days. Besides, there have been reports revealing that the bureaucracy wanted to enjoy the luxury of two weekly holidays and that the plan was hidden behind the smokescreen of energy conservation. Generally speaking, a majority of government servants are virtual clock-watchers preferring to do the absolute minimum work required. It is quite likely that the two-holidays move could have been deftly manoeuvred. Besides, as the people have themselves witnessed, two weekly holidays are no cure to the scourge of loadshedding that is gaining elephantine proportions by the hour. There was a realization of this fact and the Punjab government had accordingly planned to drop the idea but unfortunately saner councils did not prevail. The govt would be well-advised to take back the decision. Instead, it must strive to provide good governance, as well as building dams and power stations to end the supply and demand gap. -Mohsin Ashraf, Lahore, September 18.