There are 25,000 students in Karachi University where there are only about 25 point-buses on which each morning and evening, students are stuffed like sardines, often standing on the last stair-step and holding on to last railings. It is too risky and dangerous for ordinary folk to attempt traveling like this but students have to take that sort of foolish risks due to shortage of capacity. Even so, many students are unable to get in and sometimes have to stand on the bus stop for hours waiting for arrival of the next point-bus. That often comes overloaded from previous point. In the end, they simply have to take a public bus after having waited such an awful lot for the university facility to arrive. Its hard asking for anything in this country where nothing ever gets done but can the administrators/city government/whoever, increase the number of point-buses so that we can get down to the mundane business of studying for our future? -SUMMIYA LAIQUE, Karachi, September 18.