LAHORE - Visibly charged-up Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, while 'talking frankly, has warned conspirators against pushing the PPP to the wall, and they must be mindful of the fact that his government will not go the way they want, and they must settle themselves to wait till the end. The government is not going to change just because someone said so, and those talking of bringing an unconstitutional change must stop wasting their time. Conspiracy to dismantle the present set-up will, in fact, be a plot to disintegrate Pakistan, said Gilani, while addressing a ceremony at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry held to honour higher achievers in business and trade here at Expo Centre on Saturday. Relegating the unmentioned schemers to redundancy, Gilani launched a bitter diatribe against his political opponents without mentioning names, saying they had been indulging in venomous and unjustified propaganda against the elected govt since 2008, and started giving their own deadlines and extensions. The PPP has mandate in all provinces, and it should not be pushed to the wall. If they are yearning to have a change, then they should come up with a substitute that equals the party, he suggested. Gilani counted the successes of his government - from the restoration of the judiciary to granting extension in General Kayanis service - while pointing to contradictory assertions of his opponents. Since I became PM, I am on extension - twice each of three and six months - but not only I am still PM, the PPP govt is intact as well despite a lapse of two and a half years. Now those seeking change, should feel belittle about it, he said, adding he rarely missed any session of the Parliament, which qualified him to become Guinness Book of World Records holder. The premier was of the opinion that political stability was necessary for economy, while plotters were bent upon derailing democracy, and never letting the present democratic dispensation to settle down. He said that the people would be united on the issue of floods as it had for terrorism, elections of PM and CMs, 18th Amendment and reconciliation among different political elements. We have successfully met all challenges so far, and this spree will continue as well, he hoped. To meet energy crisis, he said since the Council of Common Interests had passed resolution, now work on the Bhasha Dam would start soon.