ISLAMABAD Mobility Network Portability (MNP) has become a popular choice for many mobile users in Pakistan and a total number of 5.6 million mobile users opted the service to shift to their preferred service provider. During the period of January to August 2011, Pakistans telecom industry witnessed a huge number of subscribers migrating from one network to another. However while many operators experienced millions of users porting-in to avail their services, some of their users opted to port-out to other networks. The number of port-in subscribers subtracted from the number of port-out subscribers thus defined their net gain. And in this race the latest entrant of the market, ZONG, left all other operators behind by adding net 376,705 subscribers. People who wish to continue with the same number but want to avail their choice of services usually take help of MNP. According to estimated figures, approximately 15 million subscribers used MNP service since its launch in March 2007. The number is increasing everyday because the users nowadays are quite aware of technology and services provided by various telecom operators. Sheikh Abdul Qadir, who has just expanded his business by branching out said, Being a technology buff myself, I was one of the earliest embracer of cell phone among my family and friends. Since I was using one of the oldesom service providers I benefited a lot from MNP because now I can enjoy my choice of network without losing my old business contacts ZONG, the telecom with highest net gain in MNP, was followed by Mobilink which added net 111,458 subscribers during the same period. While others somehow lost more customers than they gained. Telecom industry has been thriving full-throttle in Pakistan. The need to stay connected and the compulsion of users to avail the best services have intensified the competition among all telecom operators. With time it has been proved that users are looking for both quality and affordability, whichever provider meets this criteria will definitely attract users. Also, innovative offers are critical for success.