Rebels in Libya continue to enjoy all sorts of support from Western powers. American ships are helping them by intercepting missiles fired by pro-Gaddafi forces whereas NATO air-strikes are adding more misery for almost defeated Gaddafi forces. All the public opinion around the world is appreciating rebels for their determined and composed effort. Syrian regime must have noticed it as well as the people who have refused to bow down despite countless killings. However, this situation of Libya wont continue for long and I am really afraid of Western powers intervention in political arena of Libya. Everyone understands the wicked tactics and designs of the West. I am really concerned about what would happen next in Libya. USA and NATO might have helped rebels in the name of democracy and human rights but rebels will taste the true essence of these values soon, in the same manner, as Afghanistan and Iraq did. The West has a rich history of treachery and betrayal and I am pretty sure that as dust settles down in Libya, West will add another leaf to same chapter. Pakistan has already suffered a lot from it. We are still waiting for the 7th Fleet to arrive, so to speak. In USAs war against Islam thousands of innocent citizens have been kiiled in Pakistan alone but still the US is not satisfied as it keeps telling us to do more. Independence and sovereignty have been torn into pieces everyday with drone strikes killing innocent Muslims. Therefore, I request my Libyan brothers not to trust the West. Libya has got a lot of high quality oil and Western dogs will surely be licking their lips in anticipation. Libyan rebels have overthrown a Western agent who ruled them with ultimate oppression. Its time for rebels to take the right decision, i.e. avoid falling in the trap set by West. They should implement the system they believe in; the system of Islam. The system which will make them a powerful independent state. They need to come forward to take lead and establish a caliphate so Muslims all over the world can look up to them as an example worth following. ABDULLAH ANSARI, Lahore, August 24.