LAHORE - The former cricket greats criticised Pakistan bowler M Aamir statement in which he admitted the spot-fixing allegations which not only brought bad name to the country but also proved that the ICCs decision on the Pakistani trio was correct. Talking to this scribe, former cricketer Sarfaraz Nawaz said: I was saying time and again that there is a fault of Pakistani cricketers and they are involved in the match-fixing as the white people dont put allegations on any one without any reason. After the confession of Aamir, it is proved that the Scotland Yard would have handed over very solid evidence to the ICC on the basis of which the ICC took such a strict action. The former fast bowler said after Aamirs confession, it was proved that the management during England tour was incompetent who failed to control the players. Without rooting out corruption and gambling mafia from the Pakistan cricket, we cant expect any improvement and the cricket board must have to take stern actions in this raged, he added. Former caption Aamir Sohail said that after the confession of Aamir, it was meaningless to say anything. After this confession he has not only tarnished the image of Pakistan cricket but also has ridiculed the whole nation, he said. He added that these confessions opened the door of more allegations from the world. He further said that if M Aamir had confessed earlier he would have escaped the punishment. However, his confession has proved that the ICC was right in its actions against these players. Sikander Bakht said that Aamir has put not only him but also Pakistan cricket in lot of trouble and that Aamirs return to cricket is now almost impossible.