LAHORE Former President Pervez Musharraf and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) founder is continuing his frantic efforts for getting a 'green signal for his return to the country on March 23, 2012. He has constituted a committee of his loyalists for taking up the matter of his security with the government, especially with military establishment, The Nation has learnt. APML sources privy to the information in this regard told this scribe on Sunday that the committee would undertake the primary task of holding talks with the government, especially with the military establishment, besides making proposals for Musharrafs port of landing in Pakistan and the arrangements to accord him a welcome. The sources, however, stated that other unknown former colleagues of Musharraf, who were earlier carrying out the job of securing a 'green signal from the powerful quarters of the country for his return would continue their efforts. The committee members include Barrister Muhammad Saif, Brigadier (Retd) Haris, Fawad Chaudhry, Dr.Amjad and Altaf Shahid. Informing about the likely airports of Pervez Musharrafs return, the sources said that Lahore and Islamabad could be his return points. Revealing further details, they told that Begum Sehba Musharraf, Major General (Retd) Rashid Qureshi and Brigadier (Retd) Haris are expected to take up the task to approach the military quarters for Musharrafs comeback. While, Fawad Chaudhry, Barrister Muhammad Saif and Ahmed Raza Kasuri are expected to handle the civilian front for APML founders return. The sources quoting Musharraf as saying in the meeting that clearance from the Army quarters was a must for his return to Pakistan, while the matters with the ruling coalition were of secondary nature that could be resolved with a little effort. When contacted, Fawad Chaudhary, spokesman of APML in Dubai, while confirming the information of The Nation said that during a meeting with Musharraf on Sunday a committee comprising himself and Barrister Muhammad Saif, Brigadier (Retd) Haris, Dr. Amjad and Altaf Shahid was constituted by the party founder to take the primary task of the security of Musharraf with government and military quarters, as APML founder held the positions of both former President and ex-Army chief. To a query about the private security, he said that security assurance from the khakis was a must for Musharrafs comeback, as only the stated quarters have the means of accurate information and professionals to guarantee the security of Musharraf. About the other tasks of the committee, he said that it would also deliberate over various options in case of Musharrafs arrest on his arrival in the country in an effort to come up with bail-out plan. He said that the committee would also make efforts for accelerating the process of the alleged cases against Musharraf, as there was no solid proof against the APML founder in any of the accusations levelled against him. APML leaders who attended the meeting include Ahmed Raza Kasuri,Attiqa Odho and Major General (Retd) Rashid Qureshi.