LAHORE 'Mera Pakistan, the annual convention of the Anjuman-e-Talaba-e-Islam, was held at Darul Uloom Hizb-ul-Ahnaaf, adjacent to Data Darbar, here on Sunday. Thousands of the ATI activists and those associated with the organisation from across the country were present there. The participants were holding national and unions flags inscribed with specific slogans to save the country at any cost. The participants, mostly young students from different colleges and universities, chanted slogans against elements propagating the enemy agenda. We had Made Pakistan and We Will Save It was a prominent slogan of the convention. On the occasion, new ATI office bearers were also elected. According to the ATI spokesman, Fida Hussain Hashmi was elected as Central President, Manzoor Ahmed as Central Secretary General, Jaan Mohammad Warriach as Nazim for North Punjab, Saqib Bashir as General Secretary for North Punjab, and Arham Saleem Qadri and Ramazan Jani as Nazim and Secretary General, respectively, for South Punjab. Nazar Ali Mazari was elected as Nazim Sindh, Mohammad Qadafi as Nazim Kashmir, Raja Qadeer as Nazim KP and Khawaja Atta Ullah Jan as Balochistan. While addressing the participants, the newly-elected president said, We are not those who make deals and fight for their political interests. The ongoing situation in Karachi and other parts of the country is the repercussion of these so-called political groups. He pledged that they would fight against those who hatched conspiracies against Pakistan, saying we will sacrifice everything for Pakistans protection as this is the country which is a hallmark of their antecessors endeavors. Hashmi condemned all the conspiracies being hatched against the country and assured that all steps would be taken for its progress and prosperity. He stated that those people were sitting in the powers corridors whose forefathers and relatives opposed the creation of Pakistan while the patriotic and sincere people with this soil had been deprived from their basic needs. He further said that these were the people enjoying the highest portfolio at provincial and federal level as well as were behind all the efforts against Pakistan. On the occasion, former presidents of ATI including Shamasul Mustafai Asadi, Qazi Atiq-ur-Rahman, Sheikh Tahir Anjum, Mian Farooq, Jawad-ul-Hasan, Imran Mustafai and others also addresses. The former presidents assured the newly elected leadership of the full support. They said that ATI always talked about integrity of the country. They said the convention was especially for motherland and they believed that love of the motherland was part of their dogma. Participation of the students from all over the country proves that we dont believe in ethnicity and provincialism. The enemy does not has sympathy for Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtun or speakers of any language so we should promote unity as the Pakistan is our first identity, they said. They added that some hidden forces were conspiring against Pakistan but they would leave no stone unturned to save the country.