LAHORE (APP) Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President, Shahzad Ali Malik has urged the government to utilize maximum resources for the promotion of Information Technology in the country enabling it to join the club of technologically advanced nations. Talking to APP here on Sunday, he stressed upon the research institutions and researchers to play their effective role in bridging the technological gap by developing world-class technologies, citing that innovation is the key to economic competitiveness. Malik said the USA and India are making huge money through software export and regretted that low allocations for the vital IT sector had kept the country dependent on developed world despite the fact that country has no dearth of resources. He observed that IT has transformed the way of doing business, adding, the manual business functions have been automated with the development of personal computers, business software and internet-based intra-nets. While companies may develop internal business technology to increase the effectiveness of business functions, as well as using digital products to enhance operations. Developing different uses for information technology and various computer-related devices can help companies develop a competitive advantage, he added. Malik said that IT allows companies to reach a larger group of consumers in the marketplace, through social media networks, e-mail marketing, pop-up banner ads on internet websites and other technology-based items. Companies may also be able to use these resources to reach young consumers, who are more attached to information technology products than older consumers.