Pakistan has decided to secure latest Chinese third generation nuclear technology for building a power plant CAP 1400 unit to generate more energy to meet its national requirements. Negotiations are in an advanced stage and once an agreement is reached, Pakistan would be able to induct this technology within a two-year time. China is a unique friend of Pakistan, which has openly offered every support to Islamabad in any sector for rapid development. Two 300 megawatt nuclear power plants at Chashma Right Bank Canal are already in operation while the third is in the final stage of construction and will be commissioned in 2014. What is also uncommon is the fact that China not only supplies plants or defence-related equipment, it also transfers technology to Pakistan so that it starts its own production. Take the examples of F-17 Thunder fighter aircraft and frigate warships; after the transfer of technology, Pakistan is now manufacturing them domestically. This has rightly been called genuine friendship. This is unlike the United States which would receive the full payment for F-16s and then refuse to supply them on flimsy grounds. Not only this, it would also refuse to return the money in cash suggesting that Pakistan should instead buy wheat. Sino-Pak Friendship Zindabad.