LAHORE - Jamat-ud-Dawa Ameer Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed on Sunday said foreign powers are involved in the ongoing terrorism and conspiracy in Sindh and Balochistan and Pakistans backchannel diplomacy would be futile exercise on issue of Kashmir with India. Giving interview to Nawaiwaqt newspaper Hafiz Saeed said that Jamaat ud Dawan has spent million of rupees in flood hit areas and workers of Jamaat are also campaigning for assistance of the flood hit people. He said that more than 55000 people are being provided food on daily basis and more than 15000 people were also rescued and moved to safer places. Hafiz Saeed said that our rulers should not come back from its principled stand on Kashmir issue and it should not also beg from India in the name of dialogue on Kashmir issue. He said India is not serious in resolving Kashmir issue but it has been busy in efforts of dialogue to use it as weapon in occupied Kashmir and by making dams on Pakistani rivers. Prof Saeed further said that political parties of Azaad Kashmir and others parties should built pressure on current rulers to remain firm on principled stand in connection with UNO resolutions regarding Kashmir issue. He said that it would be unwise to believe on formula of dialogue as India should end its state terrorism by pulling out its 800000 army force from Occupied Kashmir as Indias past could not be forgotten because India has been busy in blaming Pakistan of committing terrorism and on the other hand it is talking about the dialogue process and its success. Hafiz Saeed said that it would not be fair to make people feared of dengue , saying the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has also preached and taught us duaen to keep ourselves as safe from viral diseases. Hafiz said that we as Muslims should set and spend our lives according to Islam and remember Allah Almighty so that we could get rid of calamities and such viral diseases like dengue. He said flood in Sindh areas have affected more than 7500000 people. He said whole nation should come forward to help flood and calamity hit people as losses owing to flood are more than have been told so far.