LAHORE - Former Pakistan Steel and Pakistan Ordinance Factories vice chairman General Abdul Qayyum has said that it is an American frustration if it takes action against Haqqani network without taking Pakistan into confidence. Talking to the daily Nawa-i-Waqt, the analyst Abdul Qayyum said that now America should realize that it would not be possible and easy to take action against Haqqani network without the cooperation of Pakistan. He said America should keep in mind that it would be violation of Geneva Convention and attack on other country if America tries to take action against Haqqani network in Pakistan, without taking it into confidence. He said Americas hold in Afghanistan is becoming weak but it is demanding Pakistan always to take action against a person hiding in rocks. He said that No-Go area is increasing for Americans and its alleys in Afghanistan. Abdul Qayyum said that Haqqani has emphasized that he is living in Afghanistan and feel better to remain there but it is condemnable that America which considers Pakistan also its alley, is continuing blaming Pakistan despite complete cooperation from Pakistani side in curbing terrorism.