PML-N Chief Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the government which failed to deliver to the masses should be resigned. Talking to Head of National Front and former Sindh Chief Minister Mumtaz Ali Bhutto at his residence here in Karachi on Monday, he asked the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani to allocate some money for the flood affectees from his discretionary fund of twenty-nine billion rupees. He discussed with the nationalist leader about the flood situation in Sindh and the efforts for the rehabilitation of flood and rain affectees. Later talking to newsmen, he said that the process of talks with Sindh nationalist leader and Punjab should continue which will further strengthen with the passage of time. He said the entire nation is disturbed over the situation in the country and anxious to listen good news. He said the future of the country seems bleak due to the challenges and problems. He said international appeal to seek help for the flood affectees is against the honour of the nation. He said before launching appeal, we should have to use our own resources to help the affectees. The PML Chief said that he had visited the flood hit year last year too, but now the situation is precarious. He said he asked the Prime Minister to hold a meeting with all political parties for evolving strategy to help reduce the miseries of the flood affectees, besides giving them one hundred thousand rupees instead of ten or twenty thousand rupees, but he gave no positive response. He said the Prime Minister also gave an assurance at a private meeting that one hundred thousand rupees will be given to the flood affectees. He said the government funds are insufficient for the rehabilitation of the affectees. He said if pre-emptive measures were taken then there was no such large scale destruction, but no attention was paid. He said the process of providing relief goods from Punjab and the Punjab government. He said we are ensuring that the goods should reach to the deserving. To a question he appreciated the ceasefire between the political parties of belligerent political groups, but the culprits could not be freed. He said political umbrella should not be provided to them. He said if such protection was given to those involved in disrupting law and order situation and peace in the city, the situation will not be normalized which is dangerous for the entire country. He said we are monitoring the bargaining between the PPP and other groups. Nawaz Sahrif criticized the nationalization of private institutions by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He said if these institutions were not nationalized then the situation of the country would be better and it will compete with other countries of the world.