HEIDI Klum says her legs are now worth $2 million. The supermodel, television host, and jewellery, fragrance and shoe designer reported that client recently had her legs insured for just that much. The stunning German blonde told Extras Maria Menounos, I had to go to this place where they check out your legs. She said thats how they decide how much they are worth for insurance purposes. A scar kept one leg from being worth as much as the other one. I fell on glass so this (left leg) isnt as pricey as this (right) one, Klum said. However, Heidi Klum, isnt the first celebrity to have her legs or for that matter other body parts insured. CG The practice started a long time ago. Film stars Betty Grable and Angie Dickinson both had their legs insured for $1 million. Crooner comedian, Jimmy Durante, had his famous nose insured for $50,000. Marlene Dietrich insured her voice for $1 million. Bruce Springsteen easily topped that with a $6 million insurance policy on his famous pipes. Other TV stars join Heidi Klum in the leg insurance craze. Angie Everhart and Mary Hart both had their legs insured for $1 million. That raises the question: Are Klums gorgeous gams actually worth more? What do you think? Who else should have body parts insured; which ones and for how much? CG