ISLMABAD - The experienced duo of Iftikhar Rashid and Mehboob Khan - ended up as eventual winners of 60-Plus Doubles final by outplaying Ejaz Yousuf and Gary Bartlett in a match lasted for one hour and 55 minutes at Islamabad Club on Sunday. Iftikhar/Mehboob started the match on a brisk pace and won the first set 6-1. After going down easily in the first set, it was expected that the pair of Justice Ejaz and Gary would surrender the match without any considerable resistance, but it was a good treat to watch them playing in the second set completely outclassing their opponents. Ejaz, played some delightful tennis and exhibited shots from both nets and baseline. He was ably supported by his partner Gary. At one stage the pair was looking down and out but to their credit they not only came back strongly but also pushed their much superior opponents to commit mistakes. Ejaz/Gary won the second set by 6-2, thus forcing the match into third and final sets. As heat was taking its toll high, so Justice Ejaz/Gary were clearly seen exhausted. Iftikhar/ Mehboob took full advantage of the situation and took a 3-0 lead in the final set. At that stage, the writing was very much on the wall. A sizeable crowd which witness the final was anticipating the favourites to warp up the match with utmost ease, but to the surprise of many Ejaz/Gary not only broke back but also managed to level the score at 3-3. From that stage experience of Iftikhar/Mehboob come to their rescue and they finally managed to beat their much lesser opponents 6-3 in the final set winning the match and championship with score 6-1, 26 and 6-3. It was a real treat to watch these gentlemen playing tennis at a very high pace and playing like youngsters despite they were well in to their 60s and Iftikhar was the oldest player with 70, but they show there is no lack of passion even at this age and played like true champions. Though Iftikhar/Mehboob beat their opponents Ejaz/Gary but it was by no way a defeat or victory it was the victory of tennis and fitness as all of them played in a well behaved manner and who ever takes a crucial point the other applauds him. The match lasted for almost 2 hours. Talking exclusively with TheNation, Justice Ejaz, the losing finalist said, 'I have to play two matches yesterday and we managed to eliminate the defending champions of the event in the semi-final, the match went late in to the night and we have to play the final early on Sunday, but there is no excuse for that we have enjoyed our tennis and I congratulate the winners for playing delightful tennis and they are the worthy winners of the championship, he concluded. While talking to this scribe Gary Bartlatt, partner of Justice Ejaz, a US national said: I really enjoyed playing tennis in Islamabad. He totally rubbished the so-called security concern saying: I feel more comfortable here in Pakistan then any other place in the world. There is no security issue. I will love to continue playing here. Top seed and Pakistans No 1 Aqeel Khan won the Islamabad Open Tennis Championship 2011 by beating his younger brother Yasir Khan in a two-set match with a margin of 6-4 and 7-5 at Islamabad Tennis Complex on Sunday. In the first set, score reached 4-4 all, as both the players held their respective serves. Aqeel broke the ninth game of Yasir Khan by hitting some good passing shots and won the first set 6-4. In the second set, Yasir geared up and played some aggressive game managing to hold Aqeel at 5-5. Aqeel responded in style with his aggressive game and broke the 11th game of Yasir and then managed to hold his own game and won the set and match at 7-5.Aqeel Khan got a shield along with cash award of Rs,25,000 while Yasir Khan pocketed Rs 13,000 and a runner up shield. Tariq Murtaza and Hameedul Haq took the Senior 45-Plus doubles title.