INDIA has released water in River Jehlum which it earlier held back to give time to the rescue work after a roadside accident in Srinagar. River Jehlum has swollen after receiving the Indian water, reported a private TV channel. Deputy Commissioner Bathian Chaudhry Fareed told the channel that Indian water has entered Pakistan via Chakothi. The government warned the residents to stay away from the river. In recent months, India repeatedly released water in River Sutlej which caused havoc in Kasur where it submerged several villages and destroyed crops at thousands of acres of land. Nearby villages including Nagar, Aimen Pura, Shehjara, Chanda Singhwala, Kalanger, Kasoki and Mashteki were also completely inundated by the Indian water. The water capacity of the river when it was constructed was above 0.2 million cusecs but with the passage of time and due to discontinued flow of water from Indian side, central place of the river has risen.