New Delhi - The Indian leadership should open channels of communication with the Pakistan military while the US should do everything possible to assist Pakistan in protecting its nuclear arsenal, a high-powered Indo-US joint study group has suggested. The report of the study group, co-sponsored by the US Council on Foreign Relations and the Aspen Institute India and titled The US and India: A shared strategic future, was released here Sunday by former Indian Ambassador to the US Naresh Chandra and strategic affairs expert C Raja Mohan. It was simultaneously released by members of the panel in New York. Apart from Chandra and Mohan, the study group included former US Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill, former National Security Adviser Brajesh Mishra and Stephen J Hadley of the US Institute of Peace, among others. The 53-page report deals extensively with Indo-US relations and how the two countries could jointly face the challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan as also with how a partnership between them was vital for dealing with the rise of China. The study says: Indias leadership should develop channels, including military-to-military, to talk with the Pakistan military, it said. Chandra wondered what was wrong with talking to Pakistan military when India was dealing with the military in Myanmar. In China too, there was a 'heavy dose of military in the Communist leadership, it was stated. He said if India desired to achieve results in its relations with Pakistan, wisdom demanded that it opened a dialogue with the military since the civilian leadership would not be able to deliver. Raja Mohan, who works for the New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research, alluded to the fact that the military held the veto in Pakistan as far as the relations with India were concerned. The report also suggested that the US, while holding the Pakistan military to a much more exacting code of conduct, should do all it could to avoid a sustained rupture of its relations with Islamabad. India should also attempt to initiate quiet bilateral discussions with Pakistan on Afghanistan as well as trilateral discussions with Afghanistan, it said. Regarding China, the report recommended to both India and the US emphasis on their constructive, stabilising and amicable purposes and endeavour jointly and individually to enlist Chinas cooperation on matters of global and regional concern.