ISLAMABAD (APP) - Kashmir Council EU Chairman has hailed the recent debate on Kashmir issue at the British Parliament. In a statement issued from Brussels, Ali Raza Syed appreciated the British Parliamentarians for projecting the violations of human rights by the Indian authorities in Occupied Kashmir, says a message received here on Sunday. He said, the first debate in the British House of Commons on Human Rights violations in the held territory of Jammu and Kashmir was an important step towards acceptance of the issue of Kashmir at the international level. He said that it was a big development, which may motivate the other countries to take the similar steps to acknowledge the right of self determination of the Kashmiris. It would also encourage the Kashmiris to raise further their problems before the International Community. Ali Raza Syed said that India was involved in massive human rights violations in the held territory and no one of the Kashmiris was safe and secure from Indias cruelties for last 64 years. He underlined that Indian forces had already killed more than one hundred thousand people and thousands of Kashmiris have been disappeared in the custody. He expressed concern over the plight of illegally detained Kashmiri Hurriyet leaders and activists in different jails and interrogation centres in and outside the occupied territory. Ali Raza Syed pointed out that the world community should send a fact-finding team to Indian Held Kashmir to investigate the discovery of unmarked graves in Held Kashmir and identify the persons buried in them. The International Criminal Court should take action to investigate issue of the mass graves and punish the people involved in such crimes against the humanity. He said, in its recent report, Indian National Commission for Human Rights has confirmed the discovery of mass graves in IHK. We as Kashmiri have many times raised that Indian forces committed severe crimes against the humanity in the held territory and now, it is obligation of the international community to stop the crimes, he asked. The Chairman Kashmir Council EU appealed the world community to press India to resolve Kashmir problem according to wishes of people of Kashmir. It is duty of the international community to play an effective role in ending the hardships of the people of Kashmir, he urged.