Secretary Industry and Trade Aziz Ahmad Bilor said that ample sugar is present in the country that would be enough for meeting up the needs up to the next crushing season. He further said that for the time being there is no need for importing sugar in the country. He expressed these views while addressing the meeting of sugar advisory board on Monday. The representatives of Finance Ministry, Planning and Development Division, Trading Corporation of Pakistan, Punjab Industries Department, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Agriculture Department, Kisan Advisory Board, and Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologist were also present in this meeting. The representatives of Punjab and KPK told the participants of the meeting that both provinces would meet the targets of sugar for 2011-12. Keeping in view the situation in Sindh its was said that 30% sugar production would decrease from the target in Sindh due to the current rains and floods. It was told to the participants of Sindh that as compared to last year this time sugarcane was cultivated on more than 20% of the total area in Sindh that is why the sugar production will not be much affected. The representative of Finance Ministry told that precautionary steps have been taken if the sugar deficiency problem rose in the country, and for these ample funds have been allocated for the Trading Corporation of Pakistan for emergency import of sugar.