LAHORE - Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Sunday pleaded that the issue of aid for the flood-hit should not be made controversial. Iran and other countries have promised help. So, a transparent mechanism to distribute aid coming from our friends is being devised, Governor Khosa told a news conference at the Governors House after his return from the flood-affected areas of Sindh. The Governor said the Federal government had already constituted a high-powered committee to make assessment of the losses caused by flood and to distribute foreign and local aid to the rightful persons in a transparent manner. The Governor said that some donors had desired third-party evaluation of the losses caused by floods in Sindh and government had tasked NADRA to provide the relevant information in this regard. All information regarding the marooned people would be verified through the NADRA database before distribution of the aid, he added. The Governor dispelled the impression that international community was showing a dismal response to Prime Ministers appeal for help, insisting the issue should not be made controversial. He said man learned from experience and the recent floods will help the government to make planning for the coming years. When asked if the government was considering building national consensus on the proposed Kalabagh Dam, Governor Khosa said the Council of Common Interests was the right forum to deal with controversial issues. He said CCI had already given its approval to the Bhasha Dam and work on the Munda Dam was in progress. When asked if he would also launch campaign in favour of the KBD like his predecessor Salmaan Taseer, Khosa replied he would do whatever was good for the country. The Governor welcomed the visits of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif to the flood affected areas of Sindh, saying it was a good gesture from the Punjab. He said he had just returned from Sindh after distributing relief goods for the flood affectees. He said Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Pharmaceutical Association had raised Rs 15 million for the flood victims of Sindh, while Hilale-Ahmar also distributed various edibles in the affected areas. To a question about Punjab governments planned move to dislocate him from the Governors House, the governor just contented to narrate an Urdu verse 'Aap he apnein adawon pe zara ghour karein .....Hum agar arz karengay gay tou shaqayat ho gi. When asked to comment on Punjab governments planned move to curtail his powers, the Governor said that he was enjoying all his constitutional powers and the Punjab government was also providing him all the information about minutes of the cabinet meetings and briefing him on other issues under Article 131 of the Constitution. Talking about outbreak of dengue in the Punjab, the Governor said it was not the time for political point scoring; rather, all should work together to fight out the disease. We should not indulge in discussion at this point of time if the insecticide purchased by Punjab government was spurious. An inquiry may be held at some later stage and responsibility fixed for this lapse and the amount could also be recovered, Khosa remarked. He said the disease could be defeated through will power and immunity. To a question about abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, he said investigation was underway, and he did not want to disclose any detail that could put his recovery in jeopardy. He, however, said that some vital information had also been collected from a boy, lifting garbage close to the site of incident.