KARACHI 'Nokia & AT&T Innovators 2011 Contest, aiming to inspire creativity across the globe, recently awarded the 2nd prize to Animal 101 application submitted by TenPearls, a global application development company owned and run by a Pakistani developer, says a press release. TenPearls has been honoured as the winner for developing Animal 101, an interactive and user-friendly educational application engineered towards children and parents. Animal 101 is a learning based application that aims to teach children ages 3 to 8 to learn about animals by engaging them in fun and interactive games. Animal 101 with its strikingly appealing visuals, brilliant graphics and inspiring sounds, engages children into an entertaining educational experience. Animal 101s most accomplished feature is its usability by children who cannot read. Through pictorial representations and fun facts about the animal world, this exciting new application makes learning a fun experience for children who have not even started school. Not only is Animal 101 catering to the educational needs of children in an invigorating manner but is also an exciting experience for parents who want to share quality learning time with their children.