LAHORE The rich supply of tomatoes, onions and potatoes has decreased the veggies rates, but the consumers cannot benefit of it, as the profiteers become hurdle in their way. The ample supply of several vegetables forced the Market Committee of City District Government to reduce their rates, but the shopkeepers and vendors in the makeshift Sunday bazaars managed to sell these items at higher rates. Due to the stallholders unholy liaison with the Sunday bazaars administration, the visitors of the makeshift markets could not avail the benefit of the reduced rates of the veggies and fruits. A visit to the selected Sunday bazaars revealed that the prices of several fruits and vegetables in these special makeshift markets had been reduced thought the quality was questionable, as several fruits and vegetables stalls were decorated with rotten goods. The city district government did not ensure the availability of most of the items, as tomatoes, potatoes, apricot, ladyfinger, bitter gourd, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and cucumber were not seen in the whole bazaar. Hence most of the stalls were empty since the start of business in the morning and the management was not taking any action to ensure the availability of all food items. The shoppers said that they could not find tomatoes and potatoes at most of the Sunday Bazaars and they had to buy it from other markets at higher rates. The buyers observed that the shopkeepers were minting money by raising prices. They said that the vendors know that people have no choice but to shop as these are basic kitchen items, therefore they are selling them at exorbitant prices. They said the city district government had failed to implement the prices of all major food items. They regretted that the mafia was charging high prices and no one was there to stop them. There was a single vendor in the Karishn Nagar makeshift market, who had the stock of tomato, but he was refusing the items, reasoning that he got the supply at higher rates and it was not possible for him to sell at CDG prescribed rates. Though the government managed to fix the veggies price, the sellers were still extorting the customers. I could not find a single potato stall in the bazaar, said a shopper, Rehan Ahmed of Karishn Nagar, who was shopping at the Karishn Nagar Sunday Bazaar. Cabbage was fixed at Rs 60 to Rs 65 per kg and Cauliflower was down to Rs 55 per kg but these were also missing. Green chili price was fixed at Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg and was being sold at Rs 50 per kg. Lemon (desi) price was also down to Rs 80 to Rs 85 per kg from Rs 100 to Rs 115 per kg. Arum was available for Rs 70 per kg though its price was fixed at Rs 40 to Rs 45 per kg. Garlic (China) rates was reduced and fixed at Rs 80 per kg. Ginger (China) was fixed at Rs 80 per kg and sold at the fixed rate. The price of potato was fixed at Rs 20 per kg and potato (sugar free) at Rs 30 per kg but it was not available in the market. Ladyfinger was down by Rs 20 per kg and fixed at Rs 55 per kg but also not available there. The price of A-quality banana was also reduced by Rs 10 per dozen and fixed at Rs 40 to Rs 50 per dozen and B-quality Rs 30 to Rs 35 per dozen while it was also missing in majority of bazaars. The price of Apricot (white) was fixed at Rs 90 to Rs 110 per kg, plump rates were Rs 90 to Rs 115 per kg but both items were not available in makeshift bazaars. Grapes price was gained by Rs 60 to Rs 50 per kg and fixed at Rs 180 to Rs 200 per kg. Dates Irani price was reached at Rs 200 to Rs 260 per kg and dates special were being sold at Rs 280 per kg.