LAHORE - The Parks and Horticulture Authority experts, in collaboration with Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency planners, have started a fresh process for recounting of trees on both sides of the Canal Bank Road in order to save as much trees as possible from being felled before the Remodeling Project execution, sources informed TheNation on Sunday. The sources in PHA further said that for saving maximum number of trees, the experts of both departments are striving for minimising loss of precious and old trees and for the purpose they also are thinking to revise the old design of proposed Remodeling Project of the Canal Bank Road so that grievances of all the stakeholders could also be redressed. In this regard, they also sought approval from the provincial government for amending the old design of the proposed project, they added. Further, the designing experts and engineers of both sections of government were claiming that they would save more than 300 old and precious trees during the construction of road, the sources said, adding that the experts of PHA were of the view that they were guards of trees, not enemies because their department was created for planting trees and not for cutting trees and PHA planted millions of trees in previous years in the city under different development projects. PHA Director Information Javed Shaida told TheNation that besides saving a good number of trees, which would not be removed from their roots, the department would further save dozens of trees through re-transplantation process. He said that according to old design of the project, as many as 1,000 trees were creating hurdle in execution of the project for construction of new road while it was essential for the officials to cut such a huge number of trees for starting construction work for the widening of road. He said that after re-plantation of a number of trees, the entire area would present picture of lush green gardens at both sides of the road which no doubt would amuse the citizens and stakeholders as well. The road would be made a real model road of the city which would not only help in resolving the rapidly increasing traffic problems on such road but also would provide environment friendly atmosphere for the citizens. While concluding, he, on behalf of PHA DG Abdul Jabbar Shaheen also appealed to the residents and stakeholders to encourage the people for planting maximum number of trees in front of their residences instead of getting disappointed.