LAHORE - The central spokesman of the PTI, Mr Umer Sarfaraz Cheema, said here on Sunday that the Punjab government, in an effort to gain cheap publicity, was harassing the Shaukat Khanum Laboratory Collection Centres, despite the fact that the labs had already reduced the cost of basic CBC test to Rs80 against the governments slab of Rs90. He said that the Punjab government must realize that SKMCH laboratories spread throughout the country, constitute the only source for generating funds that were invested in the free treatment of the poor cancer patients at the hospital. He added that these funds were not spent on buying properties and building businesses in London, France and elsewhere in the world. Umer said that PTI chief, Imran Khan, who was in London Imran Khan concerning the launch of his book Pakistan: a personal history in the UK condemned the act and termed it the beginning of the end of the corrupt and anti-people leadership. He appealed to his party workers and functionaries to stay calm and continue serving the poor people in their hour of need. On the other hand, the Governments spokesperson, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, has asked Imran Khan to go to the court against Punjab governments decision regarding fixation of Rs 90 fee for dengue tests. In a press statement on Sunday, the Senator said that Imran Khan had announced to go to the court if action was taken against his laboratories for overcharging more than thousands of rupees than the rates fixed by the government for dengue tests. He said Punjab government was ready to provide him services of the best lawyer at its own expense. He, however, believed that Imran Khan will not go to the court where he will be awarded the certificate for dishonesty. He said that Imran Khan leveled baseless allegation against Ittefaq Hospital and Sharif City Hospital whereas both the hospitals from the very first day had opened their doors for dengue patients. Senator Pervaiz said that contrary to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Sharif Medical Complex and Ittefaq Hospital were not run with Fitrana and hides of sacrificial animals but in spite of that not only free treatment was being provided to the patients but their tests were also being conducted free of cost. He said that meal was also being provided to the patients and their attendants at these hospitals. He expressed the hope that Imran Khan will not leave the people from whom he received donations alone in this hour of trial. Meanwhile, PTI Youth Wing, under the command of City chapter leadership, held a convention at party office on Sunday and reviewed preparations for a party moot to be held at Minar-i-Pakistan on October 23, under the series of 'Save Pakistan Movement. The Wing and City chapter leaders expressed their satisfaction over the preparations made so far for the programme and stressed the need for more efforts to make the partys moot a success in the stronghold of PML-N.