ISLAMABAD - Finally M Aamir, who has been facing spot-fixing charges for the last year, has accepted in the British court that he was involved in the spot-fixing case. Despite refusing the same offer earlier, he finally decides to submit his written statement and the verdict is expected on October 4, which is likely to be in his favour, as he has given the statement on the advice of his lawyer. First of all by accepting his role in the spot-fixing Aamir not only let the team down, but also the entire nation and his, this act will not going to end here, but it will continue to hunt Pakistani sports to many years to come. The world was already raising fingers at our players in almost all the sporting fields and this will give them a solid proof which I am sure the international community will use to its maximum and they never let any point scoring opportunity go. If Aamir wanted to do this, he could have done this much earlier as he was offered special concession by Scotland Yard investigators, what took him so long to accept. Either he finally realised that the verdict in this case is going to end up against him, or his lawyers and friends have forced or convinced him to submit a written reply and accept his role in spot-fixing, in either way Aamirs statement is not less than a might blow to Pakistan sports. Pakistan Cricket Board must be blamed for their leniency in handling this entire saga. Had the Board taken tough stance and recalled Salman Butt, M Aamir and Asif from England immediately and conducted an internal inquiry and suspended them till the outcome of the report the things could have far different, but like past PCB failed to act swiftly and ICC grabbed this golden opportunity with both hands to come hard on not only these three players but to the entire cricket team also and now the situation is totally out of everyones control. By looking at the current developments one thing is sure Aamir will get the relief from UK court and his name will be put under observation for a specific period of time. His statement has make life miserable for both Salman and Asif and they were left with no other option but to do the same and accept their role in spot-fixing to escape heavy punishment and get some relief from the court. Aamir, according to inside sources, has pleaded guilty but wants to get the benefit of young age and past record. It is true he is quite young and has left plenty of cricket in him and is the most valuable asset of Pakistan team. His mistake as an individual can be forgiven but what is the guarantee he will not do the same in future. The second most important thing which the PCB boss must have to keep in mind if Aamir gets away and provided another chance to represent the national team, all the other upcoming youngsters will follow his example and will seek apology after committing the same crime. The world is closely monitoring the situation and we have to give a very clear message to them that we as a nation are not cheaters and never believe in any kind of wrong doing. If the PCB shows any leniency towards Aamir or any other offender Pakistan sports will never be able to stand on its feet and life will not be less than a hell for our athletes. It is the national duty of President Asif Ali Zardari, both as head of the state and the Patron of Pakistan Cricket Board, to take stern action against these three players and banned them for the rest of their lives for taking part or holding any sporting office in the country or abroad. This is the only way to restore the pride of the nation both on and off the field. After the UK court verdict on October 4, all eyes will be on PCB and its Chairman Ejaz Butt. They must act in the best interests of the nation and give exemplary punishments to the culprits. This will serve PCB wonders as two birds will be killed with one stone, the fast declining reputation of Pakistani sportsmen will be restored to some extent and the world will be given clear message that individual act of someone has nothing to do with the country.