OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE-Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has appealed to the people to play an active role in the war against dengue virus. In his message to the people, the chief minister said that present situation demanded a permanent solution than temporary measures. He said that due to the serious attack of dengue, his administration and entire team of his political colleagues had devoted themselves to the efforts for controlling this disease for the last many weeks and government has allocated maximum resources for taking all possible steps for eradication of this virus. He appealed to the media and others associated with journalism to play their role for motivating the people to join in the efforts against dengue. The nation expects from them that they will guide them through their programmes, news, articles and editorials in this hour of trial instead of creating despondency, he observed. The CM said that on his request team of medical experts from Sri Lanka had joined the efforts for eradication of dengue virus and they had been working round the clock for the last 72 hours. This team has visited government offices, public places and various localities and also pointed out those places where this mosquito is likely to be found, he added. He said that according to the Sri Lankan experts, complete elimination of dengue was not an easy job, however, it could be controlled to some extent through an effective strategy for which short term, mid term and long term planning was essential. Sri Lankan experts have declared dengue virus as a social problem and every person of the society will have to take part in the campaign for overcoming dengue virus, Shahbaz further stated in his message. He said that Punjab government was carrying out spray and fogging at a large scale in public places, parks, roads and other places for eradication of dengue mosquito and its larva. However, without participation of citizens neither a large number of mosquitoes breeding in houses and residences could be killed nor their breeding could be stopped.