Two women died of malaria and several others affected as epidemics breakout in the rain and flood hit district of Sindh. According to details, water-borne epidemics including diarrhoea, Malaria and other such diseases were on the rise in district Badin. Hundreds of people affected of various diseases were hospitalised and according to hospital sources, condition of several among the affectees was serious. It should be mentioned that recent rains and floods have inundated thousands of villages in Badin and adjoining districts. In several low lying areas were submerged under two to five feet of water. The stagnant water on one hand resulted in outbreak of epidemics and on other hand creating difficulties in rescue and relief activities. The citizens have demanded the authorities to take steps for draining out the water and to save the people from the epidemics. They also urged the health department to send medical teams to the areas which were in the grip of epidemics.