SADIQABAD - The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam has announced holding a protest rally in Sadiqabad against the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims”, demanding a strict action against the film-makers and an end to Pakistan’s diplomatic relations with the US where the film was made.The Sadiqabad leaders of the JUI also warned that if their demands were not met, many Ghaiz Ilm Din Shaheeds will emerge. They asked the Pakistani government to summon the US ambassador in Pakistan demanding early end to the series of anti-Islam activities otherwise, the JUI will launch a protest movement.The leaders who addressed the emergency meeting called by the JUI included JUI Sadiqabad Ameer Abdul Samad, Secretary General Saeed Mustafa among others. The meeting was also attended by Ismaeel Farooqi, Zubair Ahmad, Fiaz, Abdul Majeed, M Tahir, M Akram, and Ghulam Haider.They said that the blasphemous film has hurt the Muslims’ feelings across the world thus a protest at the government level should be lodged. On the the occasion, it was decided that the JUI would take out a rally from Grain Market to Railway Chowk and then Press Club against the sacrilegious film.The low-budget movie has sparked fury across the Muslim world, pokes fun at Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and touches on themes of paedophilia and homosexuality. Police have beefed up security in Pakistan after violent attacks on American consulates and embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, but protests in the country’s major cities remained continuous.