PESHAWAR - Continuing their protests against anti-Islam film, various political parties and organisations staged protest demonstrations and besieged the US consulate in Peshawar on Tuesday.

Different political parties and religious organisations including Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Shabab-e-Milli, Pasban and others held separate protest demonstrations over the release of sacrilegious movie made in the US. The protesters were led by General Secretary Jamaat Islami Shabir Ahmad Khan, Secretary Information Israr-u-llah Advocate, JI District Ameer Peshawar Bakhrullah Khan and others including heads and activists of Shabab-e-Milli, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pasban. The protest rally started from Mall Road Peshawar and culminated at US consulate, where leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami addressed the protesters. 

Addressing on the occasion, Shabir Ahmad Khan said the US hurt the sentiments of the Muslims by producing this blasphemous film. He said that Muslims of the world would no more tolerate the blasphemous acts against Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

He added that the government of Pakistan should deport the US diplomats from the country to record their protest. He said that their protest rallies would be continuing until US private media has not excused this blunder. He added that Jamaat Islami will stage protest rallies across the province on September 21 Friday. 

The protesters also torched the US flags and blocked the main Khyber Road for all kinds of traffic. The protesters also besieged the US consulate in Peshawar where they scuffled with police. Police used the tear gas and baton charge against the protesters while several protestors were also arrested.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League (N), Peshawar Taylor Association and resident of Hashnagri Peshawar also staged protest rallies across the city and chanted full throated slogans against US and as well as against the producers of the film.

The protesters rally was staged on GT Road and culminated at Shaheedano Chowk Peshawar. The protesters were led by PML-N leader Arshad Qureshi and Arbaba Hizar Hayat. They strongly condemned the blasphemous act of the US media and demanded strict action against the responsible persons.

Similarly, protests against the anti-Muslim film continued in Khyber Agency on the fifth day and a protest really was staged under the auspice of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday.

Prior to it hundreds of PTI workers marched from Hospital square and culminated into public gathering in Bach khan square, main Landi kotal bazaar. Holdings banners and placards inscribed with slagans, like down to America, hanged the culprits of infamous movie etc. enraged workers of PTI were chanted full throat slogans.

The angry mob blocked the Landi kotal-Torkham road and burnt the US flag.

Speaking on the occasion PTI local leaders, Abdurraziq, Fakhruddin said that the main object of producing anti-Muslim film was to hurt feeling of the Muslims and therefore they added it was the right time for the Muslims to get united and foiled the mal-practices of America.

Abdurraziq blamed the US government for ignoring the sensitive matter and said that it was well aware of the film but did not take any step to stop it. He also criticized the role of present government as silent spectator and stressed upon them to expel the US ambassador from the country. We will lay our lives for the uphold of the honor of the Prophet (PBUH), Fakhruddin said. They threatened to continue the protest till the government takes concrete steps in the matter. At last they dispersed peacefully.

Meanwhile, Benazir Bhutto Centers for Woman Coordinator, Khan Saeed condemned the closure of the centres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and termed it a failure of the social welfare department to protect woman rights.

Addressing press conference along with his colleagues he said that Benazir centers for woman has been established in 2005 in Kohat, Abbot Abad and Peshawar which started andeffective struggle to protect the rights of the affected woman and minimize domestic violence against them.  He said that government ignoring the directives of High Court and has close down this organization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He appealed chief justice and activist of civil society to stand against this policy and force the government to extend it to other provinces.