PPP and MQM signed the document of Local Bodies Government Ordinance in Karachi in the dead of the night, without ratification of Sindh Parliament or the coalition partners. MQM and PPP did not expect the extreme reaction from the people of Sindh. Mainly there are 25 percent Pathans in Karachi and 25 percent Sindhis represented by ANP and Sindhi Nationalist Parties and this large numbers was completely ignored. Rest of the 50 percent of Muhajir population, not completely represented by MQM (as Jamat-i-Islami and JUI is a stake holder too) bulldosed coalition partners with the help of PPP by passing the ordinance. MQM enjoys less then 10 percent representation in Sindh, even less then 50 percent in Karachi, and they were able to pressurise the ruling PPP into signing this ordinance. The ordinance which is the bone of contention could not be ratified by the Sindhi parliament for obvious reasons that Sindhis wouldn’t accept a dual local government system. Strong reaction came from ANP, Jiaya Sindh, and other parties which all protested and reached Islamabad for conferences, the PML-N and PTI also joined them quickly.The undemocratic way this ordinance was passed shows how coalition partners ANP and Pir Pagra led Function League, JUI, JI were not taken into confidence and the ordinance was sent for printing (not completed yet), after it had been signed by Governor Sindh. PPP Shergeel Memon and MQM spokesmen insisted that they would have consulted their coalition partners once the document had been printed, which is pointless after the document has been signed and finalised.The blunder is committed and PPP and MQM have lost the confidence of people of Pakistan, allowing other parties to gain political mileage in the coming elections. MQM has successfully trapped PPP into distancing it from Sindhi vote bank as well as a very large Phatan vote bank.DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YOUSAFZAI, Peshawar, September 10.