RAWALPINDI - Schools in various parts of Rawalpindi lack basic facilities like proper building, furniture and washrooms but the authorities concerned have turned a deaf ear to the situation.

21 out of total 30 schools in Rawalpindi Cantonment are running in dilapidated private buildings that lack even the basic facilities for the students.  On the other hand Punjab government, during the past four years, upgraded and merged eight primary schools into other already congested middle schools causing accommodation problem.

The government could neither fill up the shortage of furniture in the schools nor the facility of water and washrooms could be provided. There are 28 schools in PP-54, a constituency of PML-N leader Chaudhry Ayaz, among which 20 are for girls and 8 are for boys. Moreover, there is no college for the boys in the area.

People of the area said in this way, the government is neglecting the education of boys in the area.

It is pertinent to mention here that eights primary schools, including government girls primary schools of Aziz National Dheri Abad, Tahli Mohri, Tariq Abad, Dhok Muqeem and Abadi No.1, have been merged into other middle schools, which are already facing shortage of furniture, rooms, and teachers. The teachers and students are very depressed as there is no place for students of the new classes.

Meanwhile, the dilapidated building of Government Girls Primary School, Bakra mandi, situated on the brink of a nullah is posing a grave danger to the students’ health and lives. Students of the school remain ill due the stink rising from the filthy nullah.

The teachers, students and parents have demanded of the Punjab government, especially Rawalpindi lawmakers to take notice of the situation and allocate funds for the construction of additional classrooms, washrooms and shifting of the school running in private buildings and for the provision of furniture.

They said that the parliamentarians are getting millions of rupees in grants for development work but they have done nothing for educational institutions in Rawalpindi city.