The UN delegation currently in Pakistan is meeting top government officials, political leaders, human right activists and relatives of the missing persons in Balochistan. Its attempt to seek a meeting with Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was rebuffed. Top military commanders also refused to meet. Though it is seen as a fact-finding mission by some reports, questions about the exact mandate of the mission are being raised. In the National Assembly, legislators denounced the presence of the mission as interference in Pakistan’s internal matters. Some of them were of the view that the invitation to the team might constitute a step towards encouraging elements demanding the according of self-determination to Balochistan. The objection is rooted in their concern of what slant the team’s report may be presented with. Surprisingly, Interior Minister Rehman Malik categorically stated that the UN mission had no mandate for fact-finding. Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar explained that the delegation has been invited at the behest of the government in response to the furor against those who called it. While, Balochistan should deserve the government attention it deserves, and while the seriousness of the unrest should not be downplayed, caution needs to be observed whenever extending such invitations to foreigners, at the risk of appearing to not be in control of our own domestic affairs.