LAHORE - The Lahore Transport Company had accelerated the drive against illegally installed CNG Cylinders in wagons plying on various routes of the City.

“During checking on different routes it was revealed that some of the cylinders were installed near dashboards of wagons without having any safety measures. Motor vehicle examiners not only removed these hazardous gas cylinders and kits, the enforcement wing of the LTC impounded the vehicles on the infringement of public service vehicle laws,” said the Company spokesperson on Wednesday.

The LTC CEO said that the transporters who had installed expired illegal cylinders were playing havoc with the lives of people and would not be tolerated.

He said that LTC’s objective was to impart safe, affordable and efficient transport services to the citizens of Lahore and in this regard it was in the interest of transporters to voluntarily remove CNG cylinders from the passengers’ compartments, otherwise, strenuous action would be taken to enforce the directives, he added. The CEO said that LTC special teams would be deployed at different squares and would check public transport.