ISLAMABAD - The database of National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) could not identify the person, who had dropped the five-year-old rape victim in the premises of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, due to poor visibility of the CCTV footage.

A senior officer of NADRA Headquarters in Islamabad on the condition of anonymity said that the NADRA system could not identify the person required by police due to low visibility and poor quality of the footage. He further said that the CCTV cameras usually installed at the government and private buildings were not of that modern technology and good quality that were being used in the advanced world.

The Punjab government had sent the CCTV footage to NADRA to identify the unknown person who was captured by the cameras installed at the hospital premises.

The CCTV footage shows the person the girl victim inside the hospital.

The Lahore police had released the CCTV footage of the hospital cameras for media to get identity the suspect; however, it is still clueless about key missing link in the investigations of the case. The police have not yet reached a conclusion whether the person who left the girl near the gate was one of the rapists or he was the helper of the victim.

Some unidentified persons had raped the girl in the provincial capital of Punjab in the wee hours of last Friday and then threw her outside a hospital in critical conditions.