There seems to be a great lack of direction in our country, weather it is education, social network or cable TV we have no idea what is appropriate or permissible. On the other hand we have given the running of these institutions into the hands of unethical and immoral people. PEMRA was created as an authority to regulate what can and cannot be shown by our cable operators. Most depraved act was when they kept the vulgar dance shows to continue during Ramadan.

The importing of foreign plays, especially Indian should have been a major concern.

They have now blocked all foreign quality entertainment, English TV networks but have allowed third rate TV channels to operate. Cartoon programs with Urdu translation and Hindu religion is show to our children. It’s everyone’s personal discretion of watch what they like, but we must have some options as subscribers as bestowed by the constitution of Pakistan and promulgates to the liberty of individuals as allowed the world over.

Just like all the other organizations unfortunately PEMRA has usurped this right and blocked much of the quality content on Cable. PEMRA which seems to have no vision and insight ever bans any talk show or morning show which is populated with anchors and pseudo-analysts

The killing of a Maj. General and a Lt. Colonel of Pakistan Army along with the troops in Dir is saddening for the whole nation but it does not give a license to anyone to sabotage the peace process the government intendeds to initiate.

I think in this country everyone whose word matter should take an oath of allegiance to the interests and security of this country before opening their mouth in public as a breach of which they should be dragged to the courtroom and held responsible for their words. Once proved a traitor they should be hanged in public to set some presidents for people to watch what they saw and to verify facts before coming on live TV.


Peshawar, September 17.