LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed issuing fact-sheet regarding first 100 days performance of the provincial government on Wednesday has claimed that Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif is rehearsing to become next Prime Minister instead of taking interest in the affairs of his province. Levelling second charge against the provincial chief executive in the fact sheet, he said that the son of the Chief Minister was using his official helicopter at the expense of public exchequer.

Alleging the provincial rulers for pre-poll rigging in Local Bodies elections, he maintained that PML-N legislators have been allocated eight million each as development fund.

About the price-hike in first 100 days of the provincial government, he said that price of the flour increased to 26 per cent, rice 23 per cent, potato 50 per cent, onion 52 per cent, tomato 100 per cent, lentils 28 per cent, chilly 43 per cent and eggs 39 per cent.

On the situation of law and order, Mehmood said that crime has increased to 62 per cent in first 100 days rule of the government, as the tragic incident of Sumbal clearly reflects the law and order situation in the province. He maintained that Punjab was leading province in the cases of rape, as 460 crimes of rape committed in the province during two and a half years.

He stated through his fact-sheet stated that provincial rulers have also failed to protect the rights of the farmers by failing to provide them their due water share in Punjab.

He said that millions of farmers of South Punjab were forced out of their business by the provincial government by failing to provide them their water share.

Mehmood demanded of the provincial government for making public the facts regarding the water share of the farmers of the province.